College of General Dental Practitioners Sri Lanka
About College of General Dental Practitioners Sri Lanka
In the early 1980's was the era when Post Graduate Medical and Dental qualifications obtained from the United Kingdom was not henceforth be recognized as specialist qualifications in the Department of Health of the Ministry of Health.
Concurrently local specialist training programs in all specialists were organized by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo which became sole institutions for training of specialist for the Ministry of Health and the private sector.
At the time different colleges were setup in various specialties, boards of students were comprised of specialties with Department of Health and specialty/profession from the medical/ dental faculties that existed at the time.
It was during this period that the private medical practitioners established the college of general practitioners and the private dental practitioners inaugurated the college of General Dental Practitioners in December 1982.
The primary objective of this college was to collaborate with the PGIM and establish an appropriate training programs, course and examination leading to a diploma level and later to a master specialist qualification. The diploma in general dental practice was thus established.
The college is also actively providing continuous professional department programs by way of workshops, seminars and lectures organized regularly the annual scientific sessions and the oration held in February each year in the mega event towards this end.
The college has been published its journal annually over the last thirtytwo years and provides an opportunity for its member to publish their research and exchange of scientific data.
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